Diversity, sexual assualt and other social issues have been hot button topics since the Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment in Hollywood conversation began. The struggle for women to find meaningful roles that are not stereotypically sexist or to work in an environment behind the scenes that is not filled with harassment has always been an issue. This page was created to examine how many movies made from 1970 to 2013 pass the Bechdel test, which asks whether a work of fiction features two women discussing something other than men, and to question the roles that women play in front of and behind the camera. Explore more below.

The History of Women in Hollywood

Women have been battling the patriarchy since the dawn of language. It was no different in the early stages of Hollywood. Women fought the expectations placed on them by society and still managed to center themselves as central to the success of cinema at the time. In the early days, women outnumbered men as stars, wrote, publicized, directed, edited and produced films in numbers that would yet to be seen again until the 1980s.

Who passed the Test?


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Unfortunately, many women face sexual harassment or assualt in most lines of work. Hollywood, is an extreme breeding ground for such behavior since the success of most women in movies is tied directly to how they look, and how appealing they are to the male gaze. This is also the reason that many movies fail the Bechdel test, since a women's supposed main concern is men. In the latter half of 2017, "#metoo" began to trend on Twitter after several actresses and other professional women in Hollywood opened up about the sexual harassment they faced at the hands of Harvey Weinstien and other Hollywood men. Hopefully, we will begin to see an overhaul in the entertainment industry and more works of fiction will be able to pass the Bechdel test.


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Gender usage of #MeToo

Hopefully, the conversations being had about women and their roles in the entertainment industry are making a lasting impact on American society. Women across the world do important and wonderful things, and are more than just decorations or beings to serve men in whatever they deem fit. I hope you enjoyed this site. Thank you!